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Pushed Beyond My  Pre-Conceived Limits

"I have been training with Mark for three years.  During this time, I have experienced significant change and growth.  Mark has pushed me beyond limits I had set for myself.  He has helped me recover from multiple injuries and setbacks and helped me navigate roadblocks.  Mark makes me what to be a better person and work hard.  He helps set high yet realistic goals and provides the support and training necessary to achieve the goals.  His depth of knowledge and versatile training style is demonstrated by his ability to tailor each session to my fitness needs. 


Mark has a unique talent to read people and makes it part of the process to learn about me and what motivates me.  He has helped me conquer fears and emotions I have put aside for years and is helping me reach my full potential as an athlete and individual.  He gently pushes me out of my comfort zone and helps me discover things about myself for which I am forever grateful.  He challenges me both mentally and physically.  I am a completely different person both inside and outside and have evolved!


At 49 years-old, I am in the best shape of my life.  I am strong and more important I am fit.  I have completed two trail marathons, something I would have never dreamed of saying and am planning both 50k and 50 mile races for 2017.  I owe all of this to Mark and his ability to inspire and motivate me.  Thank you for all you have done for me Mark. "


Whole Life Transformation

" I began training with Mark three years ago at a time in my life when I was facing prolonged stress and a lack of self-confidence.  When I started training, I thought I would be working on my health and fitness. I found that training with Mark was really about a whole-life transformation.  What I have learned about myself in the context of the coaching relationship has changed me physically and mentally, causing ripple-effects in all areas of my life--from career to my relationships with my family and friends.  It is truly the best investment I have made in myself.  I wrote this blog article last year, after completeing my second trail marathon, which I think will give additional insight into what evolve has done for my life."


Best Health and Shape of My Life

"Hi, my name is Deborah.  I am writing this testimonial to share with you the amazing journey I have had with Mark over the past, almost, 3 years.  I am 54 years old.  From a very young age I have been athletic.  I have been a runner for most of my life, winning many awards as a hurdler in high school and college.  I enjoy riding motorcycles, water skiing, and snow skiing. Unfortunately, several years ago I sustained an injury that required a L4-5 S-1 fusion. During my recovery I walked into Mark's spinning class in a final effort to regain my strength and my athletic life style.  After several months of spinning, I began to train with Mark.  Mark and I initially set a running goal, which unfortunately my back would not allow me to continue, at least not without pain. I am happy to say, however; that I ran further at the age of 52 then I did at the peak of my college career. To continue to reach my fitness goals, Mark turned my interest to road biking.   At the age of 54, with Mark's training and expertise, I am in the best shape and health I have ever been in.  To this date I have participated in several bike rides; the last one being 100 miles. Currently, I am training with Mark to ride the Triple By Pass.  This ride is 120 miles long and ranges over 3 mountain passes.   I have enjoyed many beautiful moments riding my bike including a ride around the wine vineyards in Napa

Valley and San Francisco....moments that I would not have been able to enjoy or experience without the help and support of this trainer! AMAZING!!! #grateful"


All Things are Possible with Effort and Consistency

Having retired twice, (first in 1994 as a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force and second in 2010 after spending many years as a Defense Contractor in the Washington DC area), my husband and I decided to make the big move to Fort Collins, CO from Northern Virginia, located just 25 miles west of Washington D.C.  We left behind the horrendous traffic jams and hustle and bustle of the East Coast and I-95 corridor and looked forward to enjoying the peaceful serenity of open space and mountains, and, especially, to living closer to our youngest daughter.

That first year in Colorado was a rude awakening – the healthy Colorado lifestyle eluded me--I ate whatever I wanted, didn’t do any of the activities that one comes to Colorado for, and I just basically got fatter.  My epiphany that I needed to make a lifestyle change came about after several events took place. 

First, my clothing kept getting tighter and tighter, to the point where I was going to have to buy size 18 pants!  (There was NO WAY I would wear that size!)  Second, one day, I squatted down to pick something up off the floor and I realized I couldn’t stand back up without pushing myself up with my hands on the floor; my thigh muscles were too weak!  (How could I have gotten so out of shape when for so many years I stayed fit for my military duties?)  Third, I have a genetic disposition for high cholesterol and needed to do all that I could myself to minimize the amount of cholesterol medicine required.  And, lastly, I knew I needed to have more stamina and strength to allow me to do my best as I decided to pursue my final “career” as a drummer at the fine age of 57!

The Decision

Per chance, I spoke to a lady one night who told me about her trainer, Mark.  The very next day I made the most important phone call of my life and on Dec. 14, 2011, I had my first training session with Mark!

Mark understood my challenges, hesitation, and pessimistic outlook and helped me work through negativity, fear of “injuring” myself with a new workout routine, and helped me with correct food choices.  He stayed in contact with me throughout the week (not just on training days) to help me stay on track. 

I’m happy to say that the past 5 years with Mark has resulted in a much fitter and healthier me!  I lost 30 pounds, my cholesterol numbers improved, I’ve hiked a 14’er and a couple of 13’ers, and I’m playing in two concert bands as a percussionist and a drummer in a Swing Band, Jazz Band and Dixieland Band!  All of this is possible because of the efforts of Mark, who not only helped me get fit, but gave me the vision that all things are possible with effort and consistency! 

The Future

Now, at 63, I am committed to aging gracefully; through my continued workouts with Mark, I can remain active with hiking, walking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, playing drums, and having fun with the grandkids!  Thanks, Mark!  You’re the best!




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Northern Colorado personal training and success coaching. evolve provides in-studio, or in-home services with personalized daily e-support.



  • Specializing in Personal Training and Coaching with a Holistic Approach

  • Training is provided in a variety of formats: 1:1; 2:1; In your home or at the evlove studio. Discounts are available for clients who have multiple sessions a week.
  • Daily phone or text message coaching tailored to client's needs.
  • At Home Gym Equipment Consultation
  • Race Training Plan Development
  • Style makeover / Consultation
  • Mark's Team of Consultants
  • There are consutants available to assist with hair / style transformation, pain management and leadership / communication skill development, depending on client needs.
"I began training with Mark three years ago at a time in my life when I was facing prolonged stress, and a lack of confidence.  When I started training, I thought I would be working on my health and fitness.  What I found was that training with Mark was really about a whole-life transformation.  What I have learned about myself in the context of the coaching relationship has transfomed me physically and mentally, causing ripple-effects in all areas of my life, from my career to my relationships with family and friends. It is truly the best investment I have made in myself.  I wrote this blog article last year, after completeing my second trail marathon, which I think will give additional inight into what this has done for my life. "





Evolve is lead by trainer and coach Mark Warburton.  Originally from England, Mark has always had an interest in fitness, and a love of helping people. He has more than a decade of experience as a trainer, instructor and coach.  Prior to becoming a trainer and coach, Mark worked in a variety of other industries including retail fashion, as a DJ and information-technology.  Some of these previous work experiences are reflected in his philosophy of a holistic approach with his clients.  Mark serves as a coach and mentor for personal transformation.  He believes in pushing clients beyond what they think they are capable of to bring results that build confidence in all areas of life.

Mark’s services are different than that of most personal trainers and life coaches in that he develops deep relationships with clients, giving them daily support outside of regular training sessions.  This extra support keeps clients accountable, motivated and drives success. 


Clients describe his workouts as highly challenging, but fun.   Many of Mark’s clients have worked with him for years, which is a testament to his success with helping people get results.  Mark has worked with a variety of clients, from high school athletes to those wishing for a mid-life makeover to adult athletes who compete in endurance sports. 

Mark is not a physique trainer.  His focus is on whole-person development, functional fitness, and injury prevention.  He uses a variety of techniques including traditional weight lifting, body weight training, plyometrics, cardio fitness, suspension training, and kettle bell workouts.  His practice is about investment in people and quality equipment and experiences in a garage gym that looks out to Windsor Lake. When you train with Mark you are not paying for an all flash and no substance gym.  You are paying for a highly customized experience using a variety of tools. 

Mark believes that connection to others with similar goals is a secret to long-term success.  He hosts regular opportunities for clients to meet one-another and develop supportive relationships.  Many of his clients train together regularly, and find that training with Mark can open the door to being a part of a community of friends.


Mark is an athlete with a passion for trail and ultra-running.  He has been a runner most of his life, and introduced to trail running when he moved to Colorado.  He regularly participates in trail marathons, 50 Ks and 50 mile races.  Although not all of his clients are runners, he has introduced many of his clients to trail running, a sport that helps participants push past their perceived physical and mental limits.

evolve personal transformations: if you want something you have never had, you have to do something you've never done.


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